Enzo will soon be potty trained. (Fingers crossed)

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I just received a box of diapers, which I hope is the last one I will ever have to order for Enzo. That means that I have about 170 diapers between me and potty training success. (I hope!) I am happy that I am ready to go with potty gear supplied by Huggies: A soft seat for the toilet, featuring the one and only Mickey Mouse, (good for me—my son’s latest obsession… ) and some Huggies Pull Ups, featuring “carros,” CARS.

Last night, I showed him the gear. I said “Es para ir al baño como un niño grande.” (It’s so that you can use the bathroom like a big boy.” He liked it, mostly because of Mickey. When his dad got home, he ran to show him the seat. I am especially excited because since I last wrote about potty training, he has now become much more verbal and can now express when he has CACA in his diaper. He says “Mama, Caca” and he starts cracking up (and running away, HAHA). The good news is that he seems ready, and I think I am too! Although, I’m not going to lie, I think he’s growing up way too fast!


@babyenzog checking out his potty gear, courtesy of Huggies =)

Part of what I love about this online world we live in is the support system that we have, through the relationships we can build online. I love that that we can share our experiences online with other parents, and learn from their mistakes and also from their triumphs.Through blogs, Twitter, online communities, websites and Facebook we can all learn from each other. Potty training is no exception! I like to see what other moms are going through, so I usually throw my questions out there on Facebook, and I like to check out the Huggies Pull-Ups Facebook page for tips and tricks.

If you are thinking of potty training, make sure to check out Huggies Pull-Ups with cool features like “Cool Alert” (when kids pee the diaper gets cold, alerting child that he has peed, of course this will dissuade children from peeing because they won’t want to feel cold!) Make sure to check out Pull Ups on Facebook, they always post great tips, concerns and comments from parents going through the same thing! Also, check out this video, celebrating every Flush!


Just two of the types of Huggies Pull-Ups available: Night-Time and Cool Alert

Today, we can find support and helpful tools and resources we can carry around everywhere, on our phones! (Can you believe that our phones can help us do so much?!) Again, Potty training is no exception! Huggies has developed a free app! The Huggies’ Big Kids App is a great tool, it has a timer, and there is starboard where you can add stars as rewards. One of the features I love is that it is customizable, available in English, Spanish and French! I already downloaded in Spanish and Hubbs has downloaded in French. Perhaps the most amazing feature of all is the 3D Celebration… I mean… 3D… talk about high-tech (and yes Mickey is part of the celebration!)

In addition to the Big Kid App, part of my strategy is going to include a Sticker chart. Every time he goes to the potty, or tries, he will get a sticker. Of course, every try will get a celebration. All positive comments no negativity!

Do you have any tips on potty-training you’d like to share? Books? Ideas?  I welcome everything! The more the merrier!! Please leave a comment below, or tweet me!

This is part of a compensated campaign with Latina Mom Bloggers and Pull Ups.  However, all opinions expressed are my own.

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